Storm Damage Repairs

There are several types of storms that cause serious damages to your home. Call Sure Seal Contractors if you have experienced any type of possible storm damages and we will immediately send a trained professional to you at no cost!

Often it is hard to see storm damages from an un-trained perspective. If you have been hit by a small or big storm and don’t see the damages yourself, or just want the peace of mind that your home wasn’t damaged, contact Sure Seal Contractors today for your free inspection!

Hail Damage

In most cases hail is hard to spot on your own and can cause significant damage when not repaired. Typically hail damage will leave divots on your sidings, gutter system, window, and all soft metals of your home exterior. On your roof, hail divots will knock off granules, and can have a rebounding bruising effect where the hail balls strike your roof. In some cases, your roof can appear to have hail damage and the areas may not be hail at all. Other damages that can often be mistaken for hail damage include granule loss in a circular pattern, blistering, critter damage, etc. If you suspect that you may have hail damages, we recommend to contact Sure Seal Contractors for a free inspection.

Wind Damage

You will see signs of wind damages by looking at the exterior of your home. A few things to look for will be missing shingles, missing siding, broken windows, etc.

Ice / Snow Damage

Here in the Hoosier state, as we all know, the freeze and thaw weather is day to day throughout our winter months. This is hard on an old roof with old roofing materials. It is likely that when the ice/snow melts it can penetrate the small cracks in numerous areas of your roof. If you have an older roofing system and are concerned just let Sure Seal Contractors take a look at no charge to you.

Call Sure Seal Contractors to perform a free inspection to assess the damages before you contact your insurance agent! The following damages are usually apparent to you at the time that the damages occur:

 Water damage
 Tree on roof

Upon request we also offer a free tarping service to all customers until we can make arrangements for the repairs.